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    2021 Hot New Bogg Bag

    Hikingtale‘s Bogg bag

    Hikingtale‘s the original large bogg bag, stylish enough for a girl's weekend and large enough for family day at the beach. 


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    We love the beach but we don't love bringing sand home.★

    Simply rinse off at the end of the day and it's as good as new again, ready for the next advenfture!🗽


    Large Bogg Bag

    The large capacity, durable, washable, tip-proof and robust design will give you peace of mind.

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    Medium Bogg Bag

    Washable, durable, stylish and available in a variety of colours, it's perfect for your next adventure.

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    Uniquely Styled

    Great for gifts and works perfectly as a beach tote, pool bag, or for picnics, BBQs, camping, travel, vacation, road trips, festivals, shopping trips, and family days out.


    We only sell high quality fashion items.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at service@hikingtale.com.

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    We have a selection of beach bags, beachwear, beach shoes and beach hats.

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